Month: May 2013

M&P Report – Sabbatical Plan

Report accepted at Official Board Meeting 29 May 2013, Kilsyth KILSYTH KEADY NORTH DERBY PASTORAL CHARGE OFFICIAL BOARD MINISTRY & PERSONNEL REPORT MAY 29, 2013  SABBITICAL PLAN – Deborah McKellar A Sabbatical Team consisting of Julia Lobsinger, Chair, Ministry &

Grey Roots fund-raising for Church Build

Kilsyth Church is holding a dessert auction at the lunch after its anniversary service on June 16th. The proceeds will be directed to Grey Roots to be used in the construction of the church build. We are asking everyone who can

Keady Community Beef Barbecue

Set aside Saturday Jun 15th for great food and entertainment at the Keady Community Beef Barbecue Held at the Keady Area

Deacon Dancers May 18th performance

The Deacon Dancers are going to have a great show at the OSCVI on Saturday, May 18th  …. if anyone would like to come out and support the Girls (including Claire Vokes) …and 11 other great little dancers, we would

Support Zoning Change for Tilly’s Cafe and Bakery

In order to stay open and keep serving you, the Township of Georgian Bluffs needs to make a zoning amendment to allow a Cafe to run in this area.  If you are in favour of them staying open Please contact