Message from Kara on COVID-19

Hello to all!March 14, 2020


We are entering into March break which takes a lot of people out of their regular routines, especially those with children and those students in post-secondary schools. Generally it is a time for travelling to different areas. For some it is simply to a city closer to home in Ontario, for others it is to somewhere warm in the south. This year seems to be different for usthough. It is unfortunate that there have been many cancellations and disruptions which have caused people to make alternate plans in light of the COVID-19 global outbreak.

We might ask, “What can we do?” First and foremost, I invite you to say prayers for those who are feeling anxious about this whole situation. Some have family members that live in faraway places who are still in isolation;some are travelling in areas outside of Canada and are unsure whether they will be able to returnsome are sick and trying to recover from the virus. We also pray for people who have lost family members. We can all pray for the medical field especially in the hardest hit areas where services and supplies are limited and staff are over whelmed and over worked due to the volumes of patients

It is good for us to remember though that the outbreak in Canada and in Ontario is fairly low at this time; however the virus is out there, which means we all have to work together to stop it from multiplying.

I would like everyone to be aware that there continues to be communication from the wider United Church of Canada keeping us informed of process and procedures that are being put in place in order to help protect each one of us. We need to be aware of and protect especially those who are vulnerable within our Communities of FaithWe can reiterate the importance of frequent and good hand washing practices and as in the height of any other cold or flu season we must try to limit close contact with others. 

After speaking with some of the key leaders of each church in the KKND Pastoral Charge it was decided to proceed with some of the suggestedrecommendations in the latest Western Ontario Waterways email. When you come to the sanctuary at Kilsyth or Keady- North Derby you will find that the hymn books and Bibles have been collected from each pew and put in a central location at the back of church. It is the hope that we can forgo the use of these for now but should you choose to take one for the service,please leave it on your pew after to be wiped and returned to the unused pile. The greeter for the day will be there with a smile at the door, and a splash of hand sanitizer. As we meet, it only makes sense for us at this time to find other ways of greeting one another than a hand shake or a hug. I do hope that you will all have understanding around this.

These are interesting times but soon they will be behind us and part of ourhistory that we will remember and retell. In the meantime let’s all be vigilant and most of all offer extra care and compassion towards one another as the next weeks and months come

In times like these, we are reminded that “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear…” (Ps.46: 1-2).

Be well everyone! In peace, Kara