Sunday May 24 Worship suggestions

Kara McCluskie

12:22 AM (13 hours ago)

Hello everyone,

I have completed my week of Continuing Education which was fabulous. So grateful to have been able to attend The Festival of Homiletics ( The craft of preaching) online! There were so many wonderful speakers and lecturers, all so different. The main theme was on Climate Change with many of the leaders making connections to Biblical scripture but also brought in connection between climate change and covid 19 . Lots of talk about covid and the huge inpact there has been from it on those particularly in the states.


You won't see my face tomorrow for worship but I would love to share with you the message from one of the speakers from early in the week named Rev. Dr. Otis Moss 111.

He is the senior pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. He titled his message " Living With the Certainty of Uncertainty" ( sermon based on the road to Emmaus)

You will find it here near the end of this video.


Alternatively I share the link of a more local worship from Port Elgin United Church


And this is from Jasper United Church where a long time friend of mine who used to live in Owen Sound, Rev. Nancy Monteith, now serves. The scenery is beautiful in this video for last week!


You may have already found some favourites that you have been tuning into as well.

Blessings on your worship time.

Sending God's love and light to you.



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